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Masterclass Reveals

The 8 Critical Drivers to RTO Success

So that you can:


Save time and money 

Position your RTO as the Leaders

Grow and scale your RTO

Make compliance easy

Next Masterclass 
Wednesday 14 April at 10:00am
Total Investment: $44

What drives your RTO?

Get strategic within your RTO, attract more students, grow and scale your business by mastering the 8 Critical Drivers that can transform your RTO Success 

In 90 minutes we will show you:

Marketing + Sales

How to market your RTO in a competitive market and rise above the rest

Leadership + Team

Strategies for how to reach and sustain the best RTO performance for your RTO

Students + Clients

Identify your ideal target market type and meet student needs

Industry + Networking

Nothing was achieved in isolation. Create networks with industry that will propel your RTO forward

Systems + Practices

Identify and take advantage of changing training practices and use technology to automate your systems, SOPs, frameworks and processes. 

Training Products

Get you and your RTO into the training products that will grow your business.

Financial Viability

Successful RTOs know their numbers and identify the critical drivers of their business by setting KPIs. 

Quality + Compliance

Get you off the merry-go-round of managing compliance and business success

What Our Clients Say

Kylie Jordan

“The Vivacity team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We recently added a course to scope and with Amanda’s experience, expertise and guidance we felt prepared. The team was extremely helpful through the process and We launched our newest course with complete confidence." 

Christine Chittenden 
 Transformational Institute

"I cannot recommend this business more highly. Their membership is outstanding, they freely give help, training and information. They went above and beyond to help my business keep up to date and compliant at all times. Thanks to the Vivacity team." 

Simone Rennocks 
Australian Quality Training Institute

"Compliance has never been so clear and easy to understand. Highly recommend Vivacity "

This training is like no other for the Training Industry, as it is business training specifically for Registered Training Organisations, using your lingo and incorporating the latest trends within the training industry.


Founder + CEO of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting

30+ years experience in the training industry

Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Registration is only $40


To create profitable training organisations, that are meeting the current and future industry and community training needs. We provide systems, practices and training needed to empower our clients to achieve more than they ever imagined possible, so that together we can provide quality education around the world.